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Which is your favourite of the Southern celestial "Big Five"?

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What is Astronomy?


As the oldest and fastest developing science Astronomy is benefitting from computer technology, space science and engineering to such an extend that we are inundated with new information even before we have fully understood the basics.


This is why the subject is never boring even to the persons who think they are not interested in astronomy. Everybody admires the stars, but if you know and understand what you see, stargazing becomes a fullfilling activity.


And to top it all South Africa also has the Southern celestial "Big Five" in the dark sky over the Great Karoo namely : the brightest star, the closest star, the largest globular cluster, the most beautiful open cluster and the closest galaxy.


Southern Celestial Big Five


Sirius : brightest star

Alpha Centauri : closest double star

Omega Centauri : largest globular cluster


Photos : NASA, ESO

Jewel Box : most beautiful open cluster

Tarantula : closest galaxy (LMC)



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